A Brief Introduction

OpenID Connect is build on top of OAuth 2.0. OAuth 2.0 is mainly used for Authorization where OpenID Connect is used for authentication. OpenID Connect is an identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol to make OAuth suitable for the authentication use cases. We will have a…

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What does TestNG stands for? Testing Next Generation. This is an automated framework for testing. It provides all the features like JUnit framework. But TestNG can provide some additional features as well. Therefore, it is more powerful than JUnit framework.

TestNG make the testing more easy. We can integrate this framework with other tools like Jenkins and Maven. We can execute each test cases individually. Consider that if we have altogether five test cases where four tests have passed and one has failed. Here, we have to run only the failed one in order to find the error. …

Simple Tutorial

Fig 1 — React Form

Similar to HTML, React uses the form component that helps the users to interact with the web application. In this article, we can learn how to create a simple form using React. Let’s kick things off with a simple example.

Adding Form Component

You can add a form with React like any other element. Let’s see an example form that allows users to enter their name.

class SimpleForm extends Component {
render() {
return (
<input type="text"/>

Form should be handled when user changes value or submit the form. In HTML, form data is usually handled…

Singleton Implementation - Episode 01

Fig 1 : Design Patterns

The reusable solution to any commonly occurring problem is known as Design Pattern. Design Patterns are mostly practiced in this programming world.

Now, you may thing what is commonly occurring problem? Let’s see with an example.

If we require only one instance to be created from a class and other classes can use that object.

The best solution is Singleton design pattern. And, all other design patterns will have a set of rules and specifications to solve problems. We will learn them one by one.

We have remember that these design patterns are independent to programming languages. So…

Fig 1-Facial Expressions

We express our emotions via facial cues, that can be identified by computers using the machine and deep learning algorithms. Detecting facial emotions is an important research area. This capability to detect emotions is called emotional intelligence. How machines detect emotions? Do they need anything?. Machines need plenty of datasets to learn emotions. There are datasets available as images or videos.

Here, we can have a look at some datasets that can be used for emotion recognition.


01 — AffectNet

AffectNet is one of the popular datasets for detecting facial emotions. The dataset contains around one million facial images. They were collected from…

Using Material-UI

Material-UI button

In this article, we can discuss on how to make stylish react buttons. We can use Material-UI for making them stylish. You can refer my previous article to install Material-UI.

What is Button? Why are we using buttons in our app? Buttons help to communicate actions.

Contained Buttons

Using Material-UI Table

React + Material-UI

Material-UI is a popular framework for React. Are you new to Material-UI? It is very easy to learn. This guide will help you to get started. It is one of the popular libraries for React user interface. It’s components can work in isolation.

if you are new to React, refer this page to create a react app.

You can follow the guide to create stylish tables.


It is available with npm packages.

npm install @material-ui/core

Using Material-UI Table

You can import Table using the following commands.

import Table from '@material-ui/core/Table';
// or
import { Table } from '@material-ui/core';

Other required libraries can…


You would have heard the terms imbalance data handling if you have worked in machine learning or data science. This situation will occur when majority of the data samples belongs to one class and only a few samples belong to other class. The problem will occur frequently in scenarios like detecting anomalies like identifying rare diseases, fraudulent transactions in banks etc.

Unsupervised clustering

Clusters: Photo by George Eliot in brainyquote

When we see a complex problem, we always try to understand the problem and solve them. How to understand the problem? We can break the problem into smaller chunks. Then, it would be easy to understand and solve them. The other huge problem is dealing with big data. The data may be complex or high dimensional. It would be hard to extract information or hidden patterns behind the dataset.

Does clustering solve this?

The problem is not finding any patterns hidden in the data. Then, what would be the problem? It is about finding a pattern that is useful among all other patterns. Unsupervised…

Identity & Access Mgt

Fig.1. Login with Passwords

In this article, we will have a quick overview on traditional identity management, drawbacks in it and the remedies.

If you want to create accounts in multiple applications and have to remember the credentials for all accounts. It will be easy to remember credentials for some accounts. If you have hundreds of accounts, can you remember the credentials?. No. If you have to maintain 100+ accounts, you may give simple passwords or the same passwords to all accounts. This may result for high Chances of data breaches. And this approach has minimum user experience because you have to remember credentials…

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