A Brief Introduction

Source : Uplash (Sai Kiran Anagani)

Simple Tutorial

Fig 1 — React Form

Adding Form Component

class SimpleForm extends Component {
render() {
return (
<input type="text"/>

Singleton Implementation - Episode 01

Fig 1 : Design Patterns

Fig 1-Facial Expressions


01 — AffectNet

Using Material-UI

Material-UI button

Contained Buttons

Using Material-UI Table

React + Material-UI


npm install @material-ui/core

Using Material-UI Table

import Table from '@material-ui/core/Table';
// or
import { Table } from '@material-ui/core';


Unsupervised clustering

Clusters: Photo by George Eliot in brainyquote

Does clustering solve this?

Identity & Access Mgt

Fig.1. Login with Passwords

Kayathiri Mahendrakumaran

Undergraduate, Computer Science & Engineering

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